A Note To PBS Video (beta)

RE: Your new video website

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27 April 2009



Hi PBS Video (beta)!

I’m Rob – I feel a little out of place sending you this note, but when I learned about you and went and tried you out, I know I’d have been remiss not to at least say hi.

I’ve always liked you on TV, but have had some issues with you over the years on the wide world of interwebs. Maybe my biggest peeve was finding videos. I always could go to Frontline, but with other shows it was sort of hit or miss. And then there was that whole Real Player thing. Yuck! So 2001 of you making me download some invasive software to view your content.

Anyways, enough about the past. What I really wanted to let you know is I think you’re doing a great job on the new video site. I really like your use of meta data – program based, topic based, lots of tags. I’m jealous in how you coaxed your JavaScript in creating that ‘stackable coverflow’ on the home page! I’m smitten with the simplicity of your interface.

Your simply dreamy PBS Video (beta)!! I don’t care about how you were in the past. Its today that’s important and today you are special to me.

Your admirer,


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