Evel Knievel Info Graphic

A catalog of this American daredevil’s death defying antics.

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28 April 2009



Growing up in the mid-70’s, Evel Knievel was a highly mysterious figure – someone I couldn’t figure out. On the one hand I saw this super-human doing stuff basically only Steve Austin or Shazaam could do – and on the other, I saw him wreck and crash and hear my Mom remark how crazy and what an idiot he was. I had an Evel toy motorcycle / rider thing you could rev up, hit a button, and the bike would careen off and wreck into anything in its way.

Spot Motorcycle has put together a nifty little Evel Knievel Info Graphic that lets you relive each and every one of Evel’s jumps.

+ http://www.spotmotorcycle.com/evel-knievel-infographic/


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