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Website provides quality XP/Vista ready games from yesteryear at cut-rate prices.

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24 December 2008



I stumbled upon this site today. Good ‘Ole Games offers a variety of solidly rated games from the 2005-2006 era at prices ranging from $5.99 – 9.99 per title. All games are downloadable and certified to work on both XP and more importantly (for me anyway), Vista.

A quick browse showed a variety of genres with most of the games in the Action, Shooter, and RPG genres. My favs are Simulations, Tactical FPS (First Person Shooters), Sports and Racing. The catalog for these genres are a bit thin, but they did have Colin McRae Rally for only $9.99, and I know that’s a good game.

The reality is at this point in my life, I’m not as apt to shell out $50+ for the latest title (unless my team happens to have rocked the previous year). I’m perfectly content with playing a game that is a couple years old if I can grab it at a discount.

Cudos Good ‘Ole Games – I support you in your business endeavor.



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