Hammer Pants Videos Are The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Viral videos released in support of new M.C. Hammer focused reality T.V. series.

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18 June 2009


MC HammerM.C. Hammer has a new reality show that launched within the last couple of weeks. To be honest, it hadn’t really registered in my mind that Hammertime was coming to me via my cable hookup. But lo and behold, a little internet jazziness now makes that fact plainly clear.

Will I invest more than 15-20 seconds with Hammer on his show? Nope.

But I have invested somewhere between three and five minutes this afternoon watching the videos aetv.com put out to promote the show and they made me smile. They helped me go back in my mind to a simpler time where funny pants, fresh moves, and a catchy beat captured the heart of a nation and the world. Thank you Hammer.

Video Links:

+ Hammertime Pants – Store

+ Hammertime Pants – Street Scene


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