IE9 Download Fail – The Sequel

Further attempts to download IE9 have been thwarted.

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20 January 2011


As you’ll note from the post of just a few minutes ago, I recently tangled with a little bit of Microsoft code-foolery in attempting to download their IE9 web browser.

I went back to my Bing search page and rather than clicking the top ‘organic’ result as I’m most apt to do, I decided to click on the top ‘paid’ listing – which was owned by Microsoft. I’m not going to argue or comment on the logic of paying yourself to have your products at the top of your search engine for keywords aimed at your product.

I reached the following, once again broken page, that alerted me that because I’m running on XP, I can’t download IE9 – I first need to upgrade to Windows 7. Meh. No IE9 for me now, probably no IE9 for me later.

Just when MS had an opportunity to possibly turn me back into their land, I am denied and will not be back anytime soon. I’ll still buy your OS because I won’t pay around $2,000 for a competitor’s system. Just don’t expect me to use your browser.


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