IE9 Promo Page Fail

Microsoft’s IE9 Beta download page breaks when viewing in older IE products.

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20 January 2011


I was browsing various SMM (social media management) tools during lunch today and came across Seesmic. I was attempting to download their desktop client to play around a bit and noticed it was using Silverlight. Being in Chrome, I figured it probably wouldn’t work too well, so I fired up IE 8 thinking that I might have an easier time running a the MS silverlight. Logical right?

I copy/pasted the Seesmic link and IE8 kept crashing. Again and again. Its crashiness and general lack of standards compliance have kept me away from IE for years now. I only have it for testing purposes and when I need to download some proprietary MS control for Office etc.

So with all those crashes, I figured maybe its time I update IE to 9. I read that there have been improvements in standards compliance and such. A quick search and a click of a link and I ended up at – IE’s exposition of HTML5 and CSS3 codetasticness. Only problem, this is what I saw in THEIR browser.

Microsoft, if you really want to promote your new product that finally complies with front-end markup standards, then maybe you should create a download page that works on your older technology.


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