Klout Thinks I’m Influential Concerning Brett Favre

Online influence measurement tool Klout has a poor idea of what I’m influential about.

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15 May 2012


I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever tweeted, posted, or plus’ed anything at all to do with Prezi or Brett Favre. But since Klout things I’m influential on these subjects, its probably best I go on the record about them.


I think Prezi is an awesome tool. A co-worker referenced a presentation of his work-history / skills when applying for a job  at Mad Genius and, well, he’s a co-worker now so you can see its an impressive way to present information. I do prefer non-flash options such as impress.js however.

Brett Favre

I think Brett Favre probably used to rat-tail weaker kids in the Jr. High lockeroom. He’s made some egregious errors in judgement but he’s human though and everyone makes mistakes in life. His performance after the death of his father was notable and exciting to watch. I felt as though him going to the Vikings was less than admirable and I hate everything about the Jets so there’s that.


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