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Amazon Reviews become source of snarky internet humor

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19 September 2011


A couple years ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the IA Summit in Memphis, TN. One of the speakers I got to listen to was a very well respected User Experience (UX) practitioner by the name of Jared Spool. He gave his $300 Million Dollar Button presentation (which I highly recommend). As part of his presentation, he also focused on how awesome Amazon has been at collecting User Generated Content in the form of reviews – some of which are hilarious.

Amazon Reviews have become not only one of the most trafficked sources for consumer feedback and ratings, (it’s often my first product research destination) but a wonderful space where budding humor writers can ply their trade for an audience willing to gobble up the snark.

Where else can you find over 1,200 reviews for a seemingly inane product such as milk?


Finding these little gems of internet comedy can be daunting on a site with millions of products. Luckily, Fast Company has published one of those nicely titled articles: 10 Best Amazon Reviews. Ever.

If you have a little time this week, do yourself a favor and spend it reading some of the funny reviews the internet has created.


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