First Foray Into The Delta

Driving back roads to Yazoo City, Mississippi and back.

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21 September 2008


I awoke early Saturday morning a little on the restless side. Feeling the need to explore and seek out new and unfamiliar ground, I gassed up my 2008 Candy White VW Rabbit, checked the tires, and headed up Highway 51 towards Canton, MS. Along the way I stopped at the Madison, MS. Wal-Mart and picked up a GPS – a TomTom One 3rd edition for only $150. Getting it setup was a snap – took 2 minutes. I got back on 51 and made my way through Canton, MS. admiring this old town’s architectural charm.

From the Canton, MS. city center, I made my way West on Highway 22 – a relatively tame 2 lane affair. I’ve driven this stretch before, and the real fun on Highway 22 is from Flora to Edwards. I discontinued my way on Highway 22 at the junction with Highway 49 – a 4 lane state highway. I took Highway 49 North up the real gem of this trip – Mississippi Highway 233 from Bentonia, MS. to Satartia, MS.

12.1 Miles of driving bliss. The route passes through a heavily wooded belt that separates the Mississippi Delta flood plain from another agricultural area. Well maintained, the road twists through banked turns, modest hills and culminates in a rather steep grade down into the Mississippi Detla at Satartia, MS.  This is one of the best stretches of Mississippi country roads I’ve had a chance to drive and the Rabbit responde well. Speeds can be maintained safely in the 60-80MPG range over this stretch with plenty of downshift opportunities and upshift back to cruising speeds. Very fun.

After this stretch, I toured Satartia, MS. a little – not much to report as the town was still coming to life at 8:15am. I doubled back a bit to Mississippi Hwy 3 and headed north to Yazoo City, Mississippi. I love that name and ever since I moved to Mississippi a couple years ago, I’ve secretly wanted to visit. With wooded hills to my east, and a vast Mississippi flood plain to my left, I straddled levies and other agricultural irrigation formations as I blasted north. Very pretty. Looked as though most of the crops were soy beans although I’m no farmer. I traveled a bit north and I made it to the outskirts of Yazoo City. I reached HWY 16 and headed east along Broadway – a main thoroughfare of a predominantly African American part of town. Lots of shotgun looking shacks, boarded up businesses, quick-marts and the like. As I climbed up some hills east of town, I passed through a very pretty residential area complete with old oaks, fine examples of southern architecture, and well manicured gardens.

I hit Hwy 49 again, and took that straight south towards Jackson, MS stopping only to pick up some $3 aviator knock-offs at a Dollar General.

The Rabbit performed very well – loving each turn and responding well when coaxed around corners in the 3000-5000 rpm range. I really dig the little TomTom I got. That GPS device will help assuage any anxiety of getting lost, allowing me to really just hit the back roads and explore around rural Mississippi.


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